Tutorial: Growing Your YouTube Channel with YouTube Shorts


In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to grow your YouTube channel effectively using YouTube Shorts. By following these steps, you can optimize your content and strategy to maximize your channel’s growth.

Step 1: Choosing Your Niche

What is a Niche on YouTube?

A niche on YouTube refers to a specific topic or category that your channel will focus on. Specializing in a niche helps the YouTube algorithm and your audience recognize your channel as an authority in that area.

How to Pick a Niche

Selecting a niche is crucial for your channel’s success. Popular niches include:

  • Motivation
  • Education
  • Fitness and Workouts
  • Finance and Business

For instance, you might choose themes like motivation or finance, which have broad appeal and can attract a dedicated audience.

Step 2: Sourcing Videos

Finding Video Ideas

To generate content ideas, use these strategies:

  1. High-Quality Videos: Search for high-resolution videos without watermarks. Clear and vibrant visuals tend to perform better.
  2. Popular Channels: Look at successful channels for inspiration. For example:
    • Financian Channel 14
    • Coldest Editz Channel 13
  3. Keyword Searches: Use keywords related to your niche, such as “Andrew Tate,” “Motivation,” or “Finance.”

Step 3: Creating and Setting Up Your Channel

Naming Your Channel

Choose a catchy and relevant name for your channel. Some examples are:

  • Success Boss
  • Money shorts
  • Shorts Mania

Designing Channel Aesthetics

  1. Icons and Banners: Use visually appealing icons and banners. You can find quality images on Google. For example, using an image of Andrew Tate if it aligns with your content.
  2. Thumbnails and Descriptions: Create compelling video descriptions and custom thumbnails. Avoid relying only on hashtags, as they have limited impact.

Step 4: Uploading Mechanics

Uploading Strategy

To maximize your video’s visibility:

  1. Re-uploading: Upload the same video file (.mp4) three times. This provides multiple opportunities for the video to gain traction.
  2. Deletion: If one of the videos goes viral, delete the other two duplicates to maintain the uniqueness of your content.

Step 5: Achieving Success

Evaluating Performance

  1. Initial Growth: Focus on gaining your first hundred subscribers. If your channel isn’t getting significant views or subscribers, it may be worth starting over.
  2. Consistency: Regular uploads and persistence are key. Keep repeating the process to increase your chances of success.


By following this tutorial, you can effectively grow your YouTube channel using Shorts. Remember, success requires patience, consistency, and continuous optimization of your content and strategies.

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