Flutterwave Celebrates Legal Victory in Kenya as Money Laundering and Fraud Claims Dismissed

In a recent development from Kenya, Flutterwave, a leading payment technology company, is celebrating a significant legal victory as the High Court has approved the Assets Recovery Agency’s motion to dismiss all claims of money laundering and/or fraud against the company.

This positive outcome not only clears Flutterwave of legal challenges but also allows the company to refocus its efforts on innovation and the creation of endless possibilities for Africans through seamless payment services. The dismissal of the allegations is seen as a testament to Flutterwave’s unwavering commitment to ethical business practices and the highest standards of integrity.

Throughout the legal process, Flutterwave maintained confidence in the Kenyan justice system, expressing gratitude for the unwavering support received from its staff, merchants, and all stakeholders during this challenging period.

“With this case behind us, we are available to discuss and support your growth ambitions in Kenya. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have,” the company stated in a communication.

The Flutterwave team extended heartfelt thanks to its user base for their continued trust and support. Looking ahead, the company affirms its dedication to providing excellent services and contributing to the growth of various economies across Africa.

“As we move forward, we remain dedicated to providing you with excellent services and making our contribution to the growth of the various economies across Africa. Thank you for being part of the wave,” concluded the statement.

This legal victory marks a pivotal moment for Flutterwave, reinforcing its position as a reliable and ethical player in the fintech industry and opening new opportunities for growth and expansion in Kenya and beyond.

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