5 Free Plagiarism Detectors for ChatGPT

Worried about ChatGPT plagiarism? Don’t panic! This article introduces five free plagiarism detectors to keep your generated content 100% unique. Remember, plagiarism is serious, so always verify originality before publishing.

Alternatives to Paid Tools:

  1. Small SEO Tools: This website boasts a powerful free detector offering detailed insights and duplicate URLs. However, a 1,000-word limit per check requires splitting longer texts and passing captchas for additional submissions.
  2. Plagiarism Detector: Ideal for short checks with its 1,000-word limit. Scans for full-sentence matches, but premium features are necessary for longer documents.
  3. DupliChecker: This versatile tool offers three ways to check for plagiarism: upload, copy-paste, or URL scan. Sentence-by-phrase scanning ensures thoroughness, but like others, it has a 1,000-word limit.
  4. Pre Post SEO: Scan 1,000 words per search for free, though distracting ads might impact the experience. Detects full-sentence matches and differentiates plagiarism from paraphrased content.
  5. Search Engine Reports: This tool allows for free checks up to 1,500 words. It relies on Google searches for matching sentences, flagging them as possible plagiarism. Expect longer scanning times compared to other options.

Things to Remember:

  • Free plagiarism detectors often have word limits, requiring workarounds for longer texts.
  • Consider your needs when choosing a tool. Some excel at long documents, while others focus on detecting paraphrasing.
  • These tools are valuable resources for writers, students, and educators, even with limitations.

Happy learning and creating original content!

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